Get The Sims 2: Ultimate collection for FREE!!!!

Simply go to “Redeem product code” in Origin and enter: I-LOVE-THE-SIMS

It is for 1 week only, so hurry!

its downloading right now! Is it just the base game or the whole thing?

In case anyone is interested…

i just tried it and it’s legit. ultimate collection is sims 2 + ALL expansions + ALL stuff packs. get it while it’s hot!!

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a little comic dedicated to a friend

I needed this really bad. thank you.

I’m literally crying. This is so important.

Even though I don’t know you guys personally, even if I know so little about you and probably only thing we have in common is our love for Skip Beat!, Kyoko, Ren and the other characters.. I wanted to share this with you and remind you that we’re not just a Skip Beat blog, we can be your friends too.

We’re not online 24/7 but we always check out notifications, ask and fanmail. So if you feel the need to share anything, ask or just talk to someone.. we’re hear. And we’d really happy to hear from you guys.

To everyone who has struggled and is still struggling, we’re proud of you and we’re happy for you! Keep up the positivity, we’re here for you! ♡

*sends cyber hugs to everyone*

- Hikaru x

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Suddenly really strong feels. Its been awhile

» How to make friends 101





1.) Send them anon messages saying ‘expand dong’ for about a week
2.) Ask if they want to know who u are
3.) Tell them anyway
4.) BOOM! Friendship

Thank u to kilimanjunko for teaching me this method
I hope you all make many friend

I’ve got two ‘expand dong’ messages since this

I got one^-^

let’s expand all our friendships like we expand our dongs

Every morning I’m greeted and made to stay in bed for at least an hour loving on her before she’ll get up and let me up.

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Imagine your OTP going to the same high school. Person A is seen as a loser and has a huge, obvious crush on the most popular person in school—Person B. The rest of the school mocks Person A because of their crush, but after finding out about it, Person B offers to pretend-date A in order to shut the bullies up. After pretend-dating, though, Person B develops actual feelings for Person A.

Bonus: Person C is one of the bullies and secretly has a crush on Person A.

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